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When IT became part of the mainstream in the 1990s – in the first wave of digital disruption – there was much speculation about what changes it would bring. Hallmarks included concerns that jobs would be replaced by computers; information on paper replaced by shiny new email; and established business models being rapidly usurped by young Internet upstarts. All sound somewhat familiar?

Fast forward a few years and many think we are on the cusp of something similar. The FinTechs have really come through to embrace the potential of emerging technologies such as blockchain, machine learning and other disruptive new forces.

In the latest issue of Tech Spark our experts predict the changes they expect to see in 2017 and beyond.

Article - The critical role of UX in Financial Services

With growing end-user expectations, FS companies must keep pace with advances in UX. A considered UX strategy has the potential to enable a transition to a truly customer centric business model, a shift in positioning that could make a major impact on the bottom line.

Here we discuss with Murex – a global ETRM platform vendor and our principal trading sector technology partner – why UX has become so important, how we expect it to evolve and what approach Murex is taking to it as a software vendor.

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Article - Digital Disruption – The Technology Radar

Based on our survey of the sector, assessment of client priorities and evaluation of recent engagements, our technology radar is a slice-of-time snapshot into what is going on right now within the digital disruption space.

As ever with emerging technologies, this is a fast-changing picture. This analysis gives you insight and awareness into the key moving parts and dynamics at play in today’s digital world of finance.

According to some, we are only 1% of the way there. Whatever happens, the situation today will change substantially over the next 12 months.

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Blog - Blockchain – Meet the disruptors

Having progressed beyond the proof of concept phase in the finance industry, blockchain is becoming firmly established in plans for financial infrastructure over the next decade.

To separate the trends from the hype, we spoke to four leaders from blockchain start-ups currently flourishing as part of the Fintech movement. They told us more about the successes so far and their predictions for the future.

Below you’ll find the full interviews, or download Tech Spark and go to page 28 to read a comprehensive review.

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