What We Do

An equitable approach to technology partnerships

We convert consulting expertise into reliable delivery capability to maintain business as usual for many of our clients. Enabling clients to stay ahead of the market with people, processes and infrastructure based strategically around the globe for a seamless, cost-effective, 24/7 service at enterprise scale.

Application Development

Excelian intuitively capture and translate business requirements into market-leading technology solutions, made real through custom software development.

Application Outsourcing

We can ensure the stability of software applications and IT systems according to our clients operational requirements, whilst also providing system enhancements at the clients request. Helping to free up valuable resource to allow client teams to focus on future-proofing initiatives.

Quality Management

We believe in proactive project management and we have developed a thorough testing strategy which covers both project and continuous testing. This helps to ensure that projects are delivered accurately, on time and meet client expectations.


At Excelian, we have an extensive track record in providing our Financial Services clients with access to the unique skill sets offered by our strategically located global talent pool.

Leverage capital ideas from the technology experts

Through a tailored approach and a dedication to Financial Services, Excelian consultants lead our clients towards competitive advantage. Our unique blend of business, technology and application know-how is backed by a commitment to R&D that keeps us at the forefront of technical innovation.


We assist clients in complex transformation programmes which have have arisen as a result of business strategy or regulatory change. We apply a comprehensive three stage process to ultimately identify a best-fit solution which achieves the requirements.


We bring a pragmatic and hands-on approach to developing architecture, leveraging an Agile mindset in solution design and technology selection.

Vendor Selection

We leverage the years of insight we have of Financial Services technology vendors and the experience in our broad client base to provide an objective assessment of any technology under consideration.

Digital Technology Enablement

We help our clients to shape their technology strategy of digital transformation by turning business objectives into an executable IT plan.

Technology Transformation

Whether our clients choose to leverage new standards by adjusting existing business and technology processes, or choose to take a  bespoke design route, we help our clients select the best technology and implementation approach. Ultimately helping them to achieving growth objectives and addressing the market pressures.

Upgrade to the financial technology specialists

Our name is synonymous with delivery of the highest quality ETRM projects. We help our clients to simplify, standardise and automate the implementation and integration of the most complex platforms and technical architectures.

Through hundreds of projects, we deliver unrivalled experience in Murex, OpenLink and Calypso platforms, as well as BPM solutions like Pega.

Greenfield Implementation

Replacing legacy platforms or introducing brand new systems can feel daunting. At Excelian, we have completed over 200 successful greenfield implementations and have established the best practices required in order to deliver the implementation successfully.

Upgrades and Evergreening

Once a system has been implemented, it is essential that the platform is maintained and that hardware and software components remain up-to-date and compatible.

Enterprise platforms

We have been helping our clients to simplify, standardise and automate the implementation and integration of the most complex packages and technical architectures within the financial markets sector since 2001.

We are specialists with the following platforms:

Managed Support

Our managed support services help to keep your investment running smoothly. Through sharing risk, renowned ownership, quickly fixing defects and adding value with functional enhancements and system upgrades, we provide the competitive edge our clients need to stay ahead.

Delivering financial technology futures

We support our clients in shaping their business strategies by helping them to understand and integrate the core and emerging technologies that deliver a transformational effect on the way business happens.

Our Advanced Technologies services cover the technological building blocks that underpin advanced systems – Cloud Computing, Grid Computing, Big Data and NoSQL, Mobile… plus breakthrough technology and approaches such as Blockchain and DevOps.

Cloud Computing

We help global financial sector clients to determine effective optimization solutions for their infrastructure. This expands from the formulation of a crisp Cloud strategy to assistance with architecture, engineering and PoC phases.

Grid Computing

Our Grid consultants bring technical expertise, vast experience in Grid Computing best practices and knowledge of market trends to help you pursue the right enterprise Grid strategy.


From very early in Blockchain’s advent, we’ve heavily invested in expertise to harness its commercial potential. Today, we have a global team of technology and financial services consultants forming the Enterprise Blockchain Accelerator (EBA).

Big Data and NoSQL

Financial Services is facing a data explosion but navigating big data landscape is complicated. Our experience and unique expertise means we can skillfully guide you through big data, from planning and advisory to solution implementation.


At Excelian we help clients harness the power of DevOps, using our technical expertise and vast experience, so they can control, manage, and optimize delivery pipelines, ensuring higher quality, compliance, and enabling speed and scalability.

Luxoft Ranked in World’s Top 40 Fintech Companies by IDC

ZUG, Switzerland -- October 8, 2018 -- Excelian, Luxoft Financial Services, the financial services division of Luxoft Holding, Inc (NYSE:LXFT), today announced it has been ranked 40th in market researcher IDC’s Global Fintech Rankings.