Leveraging Blockchain technology

Blockchain is one of the most dynamic and disruptive forces in the technology landscape today. As it continues to develop, there are clear opportunities for our clients to streamline their systems, from identity management, back office/trade settlement and reconciliation to reference data, financial instruments and supply chain management.

Technical and Industry Expertise

Every one of our client’s technology landscape is unique and, as such, no solution is the same. We take a consultative approach to every implementation and we start with an assessment of your existing environment.

This is undertaken by our consultants, who all have experience within both the software and financial services industries. This experience ensures an accurate understanding of your existing infrastructure and business objectives.

As the technology environment is constantly evolving at great speed, we invest heavily into our consultants’ training to ensure that they’re always on the leading edge of the technology curve.

Customized Approach

We take a considered approach to every project we undertake - evaluating the range of available technologies and recommending the most suitable technology stack based on your requirements. We only ever advocate the use of something as cutting-edge as Blockchain if we are sure it complements your objectives.

Our consultants work with multiple partner consultancies and vendors including chain.com and Consult Hyperion. However, we maintain a technology-neutral position to remain impartial when it comes to architecture and only choose platforms we know will meet your needs today and into the future.

Scalable Solutions

We provide our clients with proofs of concepts appropriately aligned to your business infrastructure and objectives, but we also have the ability to seamlessly deliver against those.

When it comes to delivery, we provide multiple options to best suit your needs. We provide clients the opportunity to scale the solution via our onshore and nearshore delivery model, gaining cost efficiencies from a competitive price point, without compromising on the quality they require.

We provide multiple options to best suit your needs. We have well-defined internal procedures in place to ensure a seamless process from development to testing and production deployment without any opportunity for gaps in knowledge or delayed completion.

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