We support clients with management, enhancements and even decommissioning of projects

Software maintenance teams keep the lights on in every organization. These teams serve a dual purpose: looking after existing applications and identifying the enhancements and improvements required by users for applications to stay ahead of the market. 

Excelian application outsourcing is a support service that ensures the stability of software applications and IT systems according to the client’s operational requirements and provides system enhancements at the client’s request.

By taking care of these responsibilities, it frees up valuable resource to allow client teams to focus on future-proofing initiatives. 

Trust Us to Help you Innovate

With comprehensive governance models developed over many years, Excelian works alongside client in-house experts as an integrated partner. 

Clients can rely on accessing the right expertise for as long as they need it in a way that suits their particular requirement, with flexible and scalable solutions available for standalone applications or larger, enterprise-scale engagements. 

Critical to our success is trust and insight. We develop peer-to-peer relationships between client’s in-house teams and ours. We then apply a flexible execution model, represented by a variety of resourcing options. These include nearshore locations, which have proven to be highly valued by a number of tier 1 banks. 

A Proven Methodology

Our structured approach removes risk from the transition process. We work alongside our clients until we have the knowledge and expertise to take on the full responsibility for service delivery.

Clients benefit from a proven process for service delivery transition. This structured approach includes the creation of knowledge hubs around existing processes, such as wikis, architecture diagrams, system run-books and documented operating models.

This commitment to delivery is underlined in our implementation of a bespoke governance model. This also extends to a financial commitment to deliverables and service performance. 

Flexible Resource Models

We provide technically-oriented, experienced consultants and allow clients to specify their setup. Our suggested team model utilises both nearshore and onshore resource, allowing highly skilled local resources to interact directly with clients and end users.

Clients work directly with financial technology specialists rather than loosely-aligned, disparate staff dotted around the world across different time zones and languages.

This approach allows for a highly efficient pricing structure. With key expertise available face-to-face while also utilising offshore, we pass on resource economies to our clients over long-term engagements, as well as allow for scalability of service delivery according to project requirements.

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