Our commitment combined with specialist expertise helps to ensure smooth and successful delivery

Excelian has one of the world’s leading Murex practices. We are a top tier Murex Alliance Partner and a market leader for the implementation, integration, upgrade and migration of Murex products. We provide end-to end, project services and have delivered over 200 successful Murex projects across all major asset-classes and sectors including investment banking, asset management, corporate treasury and insurance.

Over the last decade, our name has become synonymous with the successful delivery of Murex projects. Our depth of expertise and our focus on delivery excellence means that we’re able to anticipate and mitigate project risks to provide high-quality results in tight timeframes, giving you a higher return on investment and a lower ‘total cost of ownership’.

Overcoming system migration complexities

Since 2001, Excelian has forged a stellar reputation for delivering Murex development, support and implementation services to a market leading standard. We have over 250 fully qualified Murex consultants who are capable across all technical and functional domains as well as applicable delivery methodologies (MXplus, MXpress engagements & FEM).

Challenging project features such as scale, geographical coverage, technical and functional diversities are overcome by our unique and ongoing commitment to Murex expertise.

Our partnership with Murex ensures that we are continuously aligned with the latest evolutions in delivery methodologies and tri-party engagement models. It's a solid reason why we're commonly cited as the leading consultancy to handle the risk-related components of Murex

The leading Murex services we offer

With a proven record in implementing Murex as a trading and risk management solution, Excelian provides an outstanding and unrivalled offering. We understand the nuanced workings of Murex in the entire project lifecycle, ensuring all considerations are factored into a smooth integration process.

Excelian provide consultancy around all relevant Murex versions of MX.3, MxG2000 and MLC. Among our offerings are implementation, integration, migration, technical development, system administration, grid technology and infrastructure services.

Our success is thanks to a highly collaborative relationship with Murex and an in-depth understanding of their methodologies, especially MXpress, FEM and MXplus.

The advantage of a unique synergy

We're focused on enhancing the process of Murex implementation, leveraging our experience gained from delivering and implementing Murex solutions in hundreds of projects worldwide.

In 2009, we helped to establish their Alliance Programme and became the first UK company to be recognized as an approved Murex Integrator.

Thanks to our unique experience with Murex we've greatly expanded collaboration, which has improved the MX.3 technical platform and its implementation, along with the respective implementations and upgrade methodologies for MxG2000, MX.3 and MLC platforms.

We are now recognised as a Gold Alliance partner for Murex.

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