Ensuring clients derive maximum value from their platform investment

Excelian has a ten year pedigree integrating, upgrading and supporting, third party trading and risk management platforms. This experience and history has provided the foundation for our Calypso practice and is coupled with significant expertise from market practitioners who have real world experience with the Calypso platform, particularly around project management, integration, development and engineering services.

We offer design, build, integration, testing and support services across all released versions. 

Our skillset also extends to the grid technologies supported by Calypso, including IBM's Platform Symphony and Tibco's DataSynapse GridServer.

A World-Leading Specialist for Calypso

A wealth of expertise and knowledge combined with a substantial understanding of the capabilities of the Calypso platform helps to ensure our Calypso consultancy teams can use deliver a bespoke cross-asset solution.

With such strong know-how and experience in best practice testing and operations, Excelian is adept at reducing cost of ownership and anticipating upgrade risks.

Our managed testing service supports you in all stages of systems integration including Calypso 2.3.2, upgrades and production lifecycle. Proficient in delivering test strategy definition, methodology design, test planning, unit testing, integration testing, regression testing, user acceptance testing as well as smoke testing for newly shipped binaries and patches.

The Advantage of Proactive Management

Maintaining platform health is absolutely essential for our clients. This is why Excelian offers an evergreening program that oversees all of your hardware and software components.

Through a combination of upgrades, optimizations, system cleansing and vendor management, your Calypso deployments will always be up-to-date and respond efficiently with each other.

We also add further assurance with our on-shore, on-site and near-shore teams available around the world to provide support.

Patch smoke testing, automated daily reconciliations and environment management are some of the benefits from our support services, governed by specified SLAs and KPIs.

Dependable Support for Your Business

Long-term support is offered to Excelian clients once projects have reached production. We offer clients a diverse range of delivery models, spanning onshore subject matter experts, to a fully outsourced model delivered from our network of global delivery centers.

Among our capabilities are BAU development, EOD batch/automated daily reconciliations and system checks. We're highly commended for our skills in infrastructure and grid support, as well as unlocking the potential of Calypso through its widely customizable nature.

Our work has optimized performance and scalability for many clients and you can attain support for your Calypso platform through either our fixed price or T&M based model.

For more information, please contact us.