Objective and unbiased appraisals for the most informed decisions

Excelian takes a holistic approach to each integration. Once a detailed analysis has taken place and our clients requirements from both a business and technical perspective have been identified, Excelian will conduct an independent buy vs build assessment. We leverage the years of insight we have of financial services technology vendors and the experience in our broad client base to provide an objective assessment of any technology under consideration. 


Our assessment work covers multiple options (without sales and marketing hyperbole) to create a solution subset that we consider best fits your needs. This subset can then be engaged directly by the client to determine the final selected approach, be this an own build or a selected vendor. 

The Right Partner Pays Dividends

Selecting the right technology for the job is incredibly important, but assessing the various options available to our clients is a complex process.

Excelian is the perfect partner to offer you guidance, support and advice. Our rigorous system selection and evaluation process engages with your core business requirements, strategy and policies to assess whether software is appropriate, fit-for-purpose and sufficient in scope.

We have a deep knowledge of many benchmark ETRM systems such as Murex, Calypso, and OpenLink but our approach is product agnostic so you can trust that we’re only ever interested in finding the best-fit product to meet your needs.

Buttoned-Down Decision-Making

Since 2001, we have refined well-structured and established processes that focus on understanding business requirements and running selection tenures that match those objectives.

For ETRMs, our current assessment model is totally customized to our client’s requirements. It covers no less than 480 points, including operating models, pre-trade pricing and quotations, trade types handled natively by systems, details of post-trade workflows, position and portfolio management, data management and vendor suitability assessments.

Experience tells us that only through such a comprehensive and detailed assessment can the right decisions be made regarding vendor choice.

Consulting Expertise Across the Board

We deliver thorough vendor assessments through our expert consultants who bring compelling financial services and technical experience. Our domain experience ensures we can accurately understand each client’s individual requirements and predict future needs.

The Excelian business is a certified partner to many of the leading vendors, ensuring a high degree of system expertise that’s validated by the accredited professionals in our business.

Our consultants act as a sounding board thanks to their experience with relevant platforms from previous roles. We also leverage our experience over the years from all client implementations to provide comparisons and case studies.

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