Don’t speculate on technology

In a world of accelerated commoditization of technology that’s shrouded in the pressures of regulation and cost reduction, Financial Service businesses face a choice of either adjust their existing business and technology processes to leverage emerging new standards or to continue down a more expensive bespoke route. In such a fast-paced market sector, deferring that decision creates the risk of becoming outdated and uncompetitive. 

In either case we help them choose the best technology and implementation approach, achieve their growth objectives and address the pressures. As an experienced technology partner, we deliver complex transformation projects, while shortening time to market, and successfully establishing resilient, flexible technology infrastructure.

A Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach to technology transformation allows us to identify the right solution at every step of the process.

We help you define the roadmap, recommending the best approach, selecting the type of technologies required then designing the best way they fit together with your existing technology infrastructure. We then prove our design can solve your challenges with Proof of Concepts that demonstrate a working solution.

Most importantly, our holistic approach means we deliver high complexity projects from planning to executions stage, turning theory into practice, making the best use of existing systems and applications while bringing a depth of innovation to each technology framework.

Driven by Market Standards and Best Practices

We work with Financial Services clients to accelerate your technology journey. Thanks to our experience and industry insights, we are able to evaluate and recommend the approach that you require, as well as create further value.

We have a proven track record of delivering at scale and pace. We utilize new, innovative, cost-effective technology initiatives and new methodologies and approaches to software delivery like Agile and DevOps that allow us to accelerate the development process and mitigate cost and risk of transformation projects.

Our experienced practitioners advise on the most appropriate process and tools, which ensure flexibility in response to changing customer needs.

Transparent and Collaborative

We listen to our clients and your preferred approach to transforming your IT. We work collaboratively with your existing teams by building one joint delivery team that works towards a common goal. This allows you to become autonomous and be empowered on the new solution.

Should any client wish us to take the lead on the transformation, we have the ability to stand full project teams and take our stakeholders by the hand on the transformation journey, regularly and transparently reporting on progress and making sure they remain in control through a well understood decision-making process on the strategic aspects of the programme.

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