Upgrade to the technology specialists

At Excelian, we assist clients with complex transformation programmes. We have a structured three stage approach which we follow to ensure we identify the most appropriate solution which achieves business strategy and regulation concerns.

1. Technology Strategy: our consulting and advisory offering helps our clients to define the target of their transformation from an IT perspective

2. Architecture and Buy vs. Build: to define how to achieve the target set by selecting the right solutions 

3. Execution: developing bespoke systems or integrating off-the-shelf platforms.

Technology to Solve Business Problems

Our unique blend of business, technology and application knowledge and our highly consultative approach means our technology consultants are well positioned to understand our client’s business problems and apply the appropriate solutions they know will suit the environment today and in the future.

We seek to ensure that technology remains an enabler to the business and solves internal issues. We share insight and best practice with our clients, while transferring knowledge in order to create a culture of sustainability and growth rather than dependency.

Well Defined Process

During our advisory projects, we apply a well-defined methodology that frames in detail the objectives of the business strategy and our client, the market approach to similar problems, the target to achieve the strategy and then the transformation roadmap to achieve the target.

This methodology involves a combination of workshops, whiteboard sessions and interviews driven by senior SMEs.

We generally undertake projects with a fixed price and time-boxed contract in order to ensure there is focus to quickly deliver, as well as the flexibility to involve the right SMEs at the right point.

This approach has been honed across 30+ Financial Services clients globally.

Investing Into Technology

We thrive by remaining flexible, responding to changes in both technology and client demand.

We strive to be the first to understand new industry developments and their implication. And, our passion for technology ensures that we rapidly absorb new and changing capabilities.

We have close partnerships with leading-edge financial technology vendors, giving us unique insights into their systems. Yet, we retain an agnostic approach in all engagements.

We bring a broad experience from different sectors, leveraging the expertise of the Luxoft group. With support from our internal R&D team, we have the breadth of knowledge to build creative, leading-edge, bespoke solutions.

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