DevOxx UK Conference - what's new in Java software space?

The DevOxx UK conference is a cyclical Java community conference which took place in London from June 8th to the 10th.

The hot topic was undoubtedly DevOps which featured in the vast majority of presentations, due to the recent changes in this space. Now DevOps features automation, or ‘noops’ – an advancement which has come about as a result of cloud computing.

Whilst DevOps seems to be the flavor of month, I believe the hype is well-deserved. When you are given a requirement which you need to test code and deploy in a quick fashion, DevOps does provide a solution. Through the use of automation and containers you can create large amounts of things quickly, and you don’t have to worry about small amounts of falling over, since the majority as a whole is still healthy.

Highlights of the conference

Over the course of the three days I attended a variety of presentations from many of the leading speakers in the field. After consulting my fellow colleagues, we came up with the top three highlights from the week.

1. Google Dataflow: The new open mode for batch and stream processing


2. Faster Java by Adding Structs (Sort_Of)

3. Non-Functional Requirements Testing and Tuning - A Scientific Approach


[B]Unexpected discoveries

Interestingly, the presentations were not the only opportunity to learn about new developments in the Java software. During the time between the talks, I had a chance to make a few discoveries myself.

1. I got to meet Pepper!

Whilst walking around the various exhibition booths, I was lucky enough to meet a very polite and friendly pepper! Pepper is a robot that can read emotions and was designed by SoftBank Mobile.

2. The Huntly App

“What do points make? Prizes!”. This great app that “gamified” the conference. You won points by scanning QR codes dotted about the conference, including on the speakers badges themselves. Some very lucky people went home with things like tickets to next year’s conference or an Apple Smart Watch. With great prizes like that, it was a really effective way of ensuring all attendees got involved.

3. Interesting Talks from Unlikely Places

On the agenda for the conferences I noticed a surprising addition. When Evolving to awesome technology by focusing on value delivery, I thought it might have been a semi-advance take on agile. I was wrong - it was a great talk on how to develop and evolve your teams to produce and turn around quickly a good quality software. It was truly another hidden gem on DevOps.

This slide perfectly summarizes the gist of the talk - from requirements, to development, to test to production in 4 hours:

Should you attend?

I would definitely recommend attending DevOxx. It is a great opportunity to learn from the community, and there is a real collaborative feel to the event. It is not really a surprise, since DevOxx originated from the efforts of the Java community to share knowledge. From a personal perspective, I learnt a lot about where the industry is heading as a result of the lectures that I attended.

And lastly, if you get to go, it always ends with DevRoxx - a great after party.

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