Engaging user experiences that can generate business value

Intuitive User Experience design and effective usability are key to enhancing customer engagement. To achieve this, while minimizing operational risk and ensuring market differentiation, financial institutions need well-designed user interfaces for their customers and staff.

At Excelian, we combine a deep understanding of your business with our market knowledge to propose the best possible solutions. Our UX and UI experts lead clients from initial idea to end product with benchmark quality, time-to-market, technology and cost-efficiency. 

A Blend of Creativity, Technical Expertise and Capacity

We have UX and UI subject matter experts worldwide. They are integrated with nearshore set-ups to maximize cost-effectiveness, which enables clients to have greater flexibility with engagement type and cost. Their expertise allows for rapid delivery enabled by the existing models and processes in place.

We employ state-of-the-art engineering practices for UX and UI development to ensure quality. These include automated testing, test-driven development, Agile and DevOps delivery, and continuous integration.

Our proven execution framework is Agile customized for Financial Services, ensuring timely and secure delivery through full development cycle automation and bespoke platform design, build and integration.

Redefining User Experience

When it comes to User Experience and Front-End Development, we offer a full range of value-added services.

Starting with Advisory and Consultation, we define what your UX should be, review your existing applications, recommend improvements, define your Front-End technology strategy, and set out a migration path to your new state-of-the-art tech.

We also offer bespoke Software Development Service, encompassing client and research portals, eTrading systems and mobile development for iOS, Android and web mobile uses.

Accelerating Your Mobile Offering

Excelian helps clients design, build and launch highly customized financial applications in weeks rather than months via UI frameworks and pre-built components.

We offer pre-defined UX toolkits for core financial use cases, competitor analysis and technological frameworks for mobile applications like iStocktrack and data visualization like Horizon.

These approaches enable rapid deployment of mobile applications and supporting components, allowing for incisive reporting, drill-down and real-time analysis. Our powerful UI tools in conjunction with big data help our clients to empower their customers, foster stronger customer loyalty and increase transaction flow.

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