Leaders keep their eyes
on the Horizon,
not just the bottom line

Horizon enables timely and strategic decision-making and enhances overall risk and regulation management. It drills into existing data sources to provide a next-generation interface of insightful, user-tailored dashboards that tell the story behind the numbers. 

As part of Excelian’s Horizon Financial Services Suite, we offer three specialist platforms: 

• Horizon Risk Management

• Horizon Regulation Management 

• Horizon Executive Dashboard

Each solution allows our clients to identify, aggregate, monitor and manage all relevant indicators within a single platform, speeding up powerful and accurate decision-making. 

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Complete Risk Transparency

Horizon Risk Management

Keeping your finger on the right data points in your organization is key to managing risk. From global risk overview to detailed analysis of market, conduct, credit, operational, and liquidity risk – Horizon Risk Management assures complete risk transparency.

User adoption is accelerated by multi-platform access to risk and compliance metrics. In line with BCBS 239 principles, it brings a ‘single version’ of risk exposures, replacing the standard practice of spreadsheets and presentations with dynamic dashboards.

Key advantages:

  • Single platform for all your risk data
  • Connects and leverages existing systems and analytics
  • Risk expertise, nimbleness and strong partnerships

Simplified Regulation Management

Horizon Regulation Management

Governance, risk, regulation, compliance. These terms have dominated the post-crisis financial world, creating huge constraints in the way financial organizations operate.

Horizon Regulation Management is here to change this. It’s a fully blown regulatory issues tracking system that highlights critical hurdles, be they external, regulatory, or audit.

Key features:

  • Helicopter view of your organization and its KPIs
  • One application for all devices, 100% mobile and secure
  • Collaboration engine, connecting you with stakeholders

Get a handle on key data and look to the future with Horizon.

Award-Winning Visualization

Horizon Executive Dashboard

Corporate executives demand timely and visually informative decision-making platforms from any device.

The ever-increasing pace of technology change, the multitude of legacy platforms, and the fragmentation of data and data sources all pose immense challenges.

With its power of visualization, Horizon Executive Dashboard provides an exhaustive view of KPIs on demand, in real-time and on the go – with an award-winning user interface tailored to your precise needs.

Horizon offers:

  • Helicopter view of your organization and its KPIs
  • One application for all devices, 100% mobile and secure
  • Collaboration engine, connecting you with stakeholders
Deutsche Bank - Horizon
Effective credit risk management is a vital component of a bank’s overall risk management strategy and is essential to the long-term success of any banking organization. We are glad that, together with the Horizon team, we were able to develop an advanced solution that significantly improves client satisfaction by quicker decisions and enhances overall risk management.

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