Blending Grid infrastructure and management expertise

Grid computing, now a mature Financial Sector technology, is invaluable for pricing, risk management and flexible scaling of applications with its resilience and manageability across shared business lines.

With a focus on three major solutions: IBM Platform Symphony, Tibco GridServer and Microsoft HPC Server, Excelian grid consultants bring technical expertise, vast experience in grid computing best practices and knowledge of market trends to help you pursue the right enterprise grid strategy.

Global Resilient IT Distribution

The distributed computation offered by grid computing allows for cost efficiencies resulting from the optimal usage of installed CPUs and an always-available scalability of computing capacity.

Grid solutions help create flexible, resilient operational infrastructure, addressing even rapid fluctuations in customer demands. This in turn improves productivity and performance with reliable delivery ensured even across the heaviest workloads.

It also encourages close collaboration across organizations running Grid infrastructure due to the global distribution of systems and data.

High Performance Grid Expertise

Excelian have a long-established grid practice with expert consultants providing:

  • Enterprise grid strategy definition and market trends analysis
  • Product selection
  • Health checks, optimisation and engineering services
  • Migration from in-house or vendor solutions to new middleware solutions
  • Grid implementations
  • Grid Managed Service
  • 24x7 Managed HPC Service
  • System Engineering
  • Training and HelpDesk Support

Perfectly Aligned Grid Partnership

Data Grid services cover a wide range of uses, from the optimisation of grid computing-based risk management solutions to the distribution of data for market and reference data management systems. Their purpose is to improve business performance through the acceleration of data access, particularly at high scale.

At Excelian, we provide a wealth of knowledge and experience across all major Data Grid vendors and strong partnerships with all three major caching vendors – Oracle (Coherence), VMware (Gemfire) and GigaSpaces (XAP). We also embrace open source solutions, with particular emphasis on Hazelcast and GridGain.

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