Modern approach to give you the edge in the marketplace

In order to stay ahead of the competition in a highly regulated market, it is critical to release new software quickly and securely. Organisations that don’t deploy DevOps teams often see slow build times and escalating costs due to overly segregated duties. 

DevOps ensures new software releases are fast and scalable, yet without risk. At Excelian we help clients harness the power of DevOps, using our technical expertise and vast experience, so they can control, manage, and optimize delivery pipelines, ensuring higher quality, compliance, and enabling speed and scalability.

Power up Your DevOps

We scale our clients’ DevOps capabilities through expertise and proven processes.

We help them to engineer business agility by leading them towards robust DevOps values, principles, and practices.

Throughout the process, we help maximise existing enterprise technologies and tools to get the expected results. This is achieved through a well-structured and established approach to DevOps that accounts for people, processes and the elements that can be automated to ensure new business processes are consistent, compliant and enhance your capability.

Services to Rely On

We offer a range of services to match the DevOps requirements of our customers, including:

  • Automation assessment
  • DevOps assessment
  • Toolchain advisory
  • DevOps integration into your organization

The outcome is an approach that reduces time to market through processes driven by Excelian-managed DevOps teams that are applied to any number of actions, including:

  • Fully integrating UI and Backend stacks in one CI/CD pipeline
  • Turning traditional data more “agile” with DevOps
  • Automating Cloud deployments to integrate hybrid environments.

Turnkey DevOps Toolchain

We know how to solve business problems using technology within highly regulated environments like Financial Services.

For DevOps, we have developed a toolchain that consists of a best of breed stack that integrates well with business tools and meets business and operational requirements.

It allows Excelian to audit, track and measure DevOps activities, allowing for greater transparency throughout the production process and a high quality assurance.

Our clients prioritize speed to market by managing multiple complex deployments securely and transparently, all while avoiding costly failures.

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